April, 2018 – “It’s the coldest and snowiest April on record near the Great Lakes, and residents are fuming.”

“Orthodoxy means not thinking–not needing to think. Orthodoxy is unconsciousness.”

George Orwell, from “1984”, 1949






It’s April 2018, and the Great Artificial Drought has been broken by the slow, steady, widespread and ever-increasing distribution of simple, inexpensive Orgonite devices in the vicinity of the weather warfare intrastructure that many still mistakenly presume only carries cell phone traffic and weather radar data.

The return to balance that we are seeing around the world also includes record cold, which is a real problem for the folks who cooked up the whole “Global Warming” confidence game when the rest of their us-vs.-them control gambits suddenly stopped working in the face of rising global awareness. They went for broke with “everybody vs. Poor Mother Gaia”, assuring you that the woes they were causing on the down-low with their global Death energy matrix were actually caused by you, and me, and our cars, and by cow farts, and such and such.

One recent news account that I’ve appended below is headlined “It’s the coldest and snowiest April on record near the Great Lakes, and residents are fuming.”

They’re fuming mostly because the snake-oil religion they got swindled into in the heat of the revival tent has had the rug pulled completely out from under it.

You don’t hear the term “Global Warming” very often, anymore, because Propaganda has a lifespan, and moreso because it’s become so laughable. It’s why The Most Important and Accurate Movie Ever Made, “An Inconvenient Truth”, is never shown on TV, nor in schools.

As a fallback, they rebranded to “Climate Change” some years ago, now, although bravely used rigged data and a globally-coopted Scientific establishment to claim that the last two years were the back-to-back hottest in the history of planet Earth.

The great, epochal positive changes that we are witnessing at every level of our reality are increasing in speed and magnitude. And the Propaganda rebutting them is rigid and unchanging, with the exception of the creation of new adrenaline-squirt memes like “Bomb Cyclone”, ah, mirth.

In any case, here’s the latest continuation of a dialogue I’ve been patiently recording in this thread for about four straight years, now:







January 6, 2018 – US shivers amid record-breaking low temperatures – BBC News

North America’s East Coast is shivering in a record-breaking freeze in the wake of a deadly “bomb cyclone” that dumped snow as far south as Florida.


January 8, 2018 – Record cold finally coming to an end – New Jersey Herald –

One station in Sussex County set a record for coldest Jan. 7 in its 124-year history, but another station was colder Sunday morning. It’s not a riddle, but the difference of an official station for weather records and a station with a certified instrument …

(Note how the “official” station manages to keep the number higher and warmer than the certified instrument – ed)


January 21, 2018 – Climate Alarmists Say Record Cold Is a Sign of Warming


January 28, 2018 – France – Winter 2017-18 officially had ‘most rain, least sun

The period from December 2017 to January 2018 has seen between 30% and 50% less sun than the usual seasonal average, and a significant part of the country has been affected by much higher-than-usual rainfall, according to Olivier Proust, a national forecaster, speaking to news website France Info.

(“much higher than usual rainfall” is vague, following the use of specific numbers for sun. As you may recall, vagueness is a hallmark of propaganda. – ed)


February 27, 2018 – Brrr! Record cold is freezing the Netherlands and looks like it’s here to …

Coldest start to spring. Looks like freezing temperatures won’t change anytime soon. According to the weather reports, this Thursday will be the coldest day of the whole week. With temperatures dropping to as low as -8, the 1st March 2018 might be the coldest since 1947.


March 1, 2018 – Is 2018 the coldest UK winter on record? | The Week UK

But according to the Central England Temperature (CET), a record of monthly mean temperatures dating back to 1659, December 1890 was marginally colder, with a mean of -0.8°C. If judged by the mean temperature for an entire winter (December, January and February), the coldest-ever season title .


March 23, 2018 – Easter weather forecast: UK set for coldest April on record | Weather


April 2, 2018 – How cold is the temperature in the UK today, what’s the lowest …

How cold is it today? Britain has been hit by a sudden blast of bone-chilling weather which was set to get worse over the Easter weekend. The lowest recorded temperature today (April 2) was -8.8 in Tulloch Bridge in Scotland. It comes after it was confirmed that March 2018 was the third coldest March in history


April 3, 2018 – Lincoln, IL – Record cold ushers in April | WJBC AM 1230 – WJBC.com

Illinois has never seen an April chill like this. When the mercury dropped below zero early Monday morning, it broke records for a low temperature in Illinois for the month of April.


April 6, 2018 – Record-breaking Pineapple Express’ slams West Coast – The …

A potentially record-breaking ‘Pineapple Express‘ (also known as Atmospheric River) system will continue to impact portions of the West … Rainfall amounts forecast from Thursday (April 5) into Saturday (April 7) are likely to approach or surpass the average rainfall amounts for the entire month .


April 12, 2018 – Canada – Edmonton breaks record for consecutive days at or below zero 


April 15, 2018 – Heavy rain propels Seattle to 4th-wettest April day on record

Saturday’s soaking was the greatest one-day rainfall in Seattle in over a year—since 1.74 inches fell on Jan. 17, 2017. Seattle has now logged 4.64 inches of rain this April—nearly double the 2.71-inch norm for the entire month. April 2018 is now the fourth-wettest April on record in Seattle.


April 17, 2018 – Photos: April blizzard sets snowfall records in Minneapolis, Green Bay

Saturday became the second-snowiest April day on record for Minneapolis. A total of 11.1 inches was measured, second only to the 13.6 inches that fell on April 14, 1983. The snow from this storm makes this month the city’s snowiest April on record.

(Returning to the way things were back in 1983. I took note of the Great Artificial Drought beginning where I lived in 1982 – ed)


April 18, 2018 – It’s the coldest and snowiest April on record near the Great Lakes, and residents are fuming

The Upper Midwest and Great Lakes have never seen an April like this. Extreme winter conditions have refused to relent even into the month’s second half, testing the patience of local residents. Scores of records for both snow and cold have fallen. Minneapolis; Madison, Wis.; and Marquette, Mich., are


April 19, 2018 – Chicago sees its coldest start to April in 137 years | Chicago Sun-Times

No one alive today has experienced the start of an April in Chicago as cold as this one. It has been 137 years since the first 17 days of April have been as cold and snowy as they’ve been in 2018, according to National Weather Service meteorologist Gino Nizzo. This April is the second-coldest on record

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