Wildlife and Sylphs at Sandy Hook

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Sergio in New Jersey wants to get started, flinging orgonite, and he contacted me to ask whether the clouds in his attached photos were Sylphs (they’re magnificent examples!).  He went to the beach at Sandy Hook to watch the seals that day.  I did see seals in the distance in a couple of photos but most people don’t realize that you need a telephoto lens to get clear, distant shots.  Fortunately, Sylphs are very photogenic with any sort of camera 😉 .

Someone tried to school me about Instagram so that I can get my photos into posts but when I went there, today, I couldn’t find a way to do that. I imagine Carlos will show me next month when he’s here.  I wanted to put one of the Sandy Hook Sylph photos in this post.  I CCd my reply to Marco in NJ for an introduction, though, and here’s his response–you can see why I’m putting this in the Positive Changes thread:

Don, Sergio,

Nice to hear from you and thanks for sharing! Beautiful!
I gifted Sandy Hook many years ago, and I remember it well because there was a whole load of scowling shitbirds
watching me, posing as  fisherman, while I worked, but they couldn’t do much as I heaved TB after TB into the water.
They even had a Cessna circling over me most of the time. Not long after that, they fenced off a large section of SH, but the work was done.
I have not heard about seals on SH until now, except for isolated individuals, so this is great news.
There has been an amazing resurgence of wildlife here in NJ  – whales, bears, mountain lions,
eagles, mink, otters, many fish species…just incredible.  Even the PJ people are starting to
wake up a bit and wonder wonder about it.
Anyway, best to all, and hope to catch up soon.
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1 thought on “Wildlife and Sylphs at Sandy Hook

  1. Don Croft Post author

    I want to applaud Jeff Miller’s practice of pointing out how the mainstream media do their best to make good news (like this) look like bad news. Have you noticed that none of the NSA/CIA fearmongers or spin artists have tried very hard to make us believe that Sylphs are bad, by the way? I sometimes wonder about their reluctance to draw attention to Sylphs. Their chemtrail fear porn is busting out at the seams on the internet, after all. That started in earnest in 2004, about a year after chemtrail bioweaponry finally stopped sickening people.

    The only such manipulation I’ve seen on the web is that when you look for Sylph images on the search engines you now get mainly fairy illustrations and there’s one or two photos of actual Sylphs mixed into hundreds of those. A couple of years ago there were mainly Sylph photos, mostly gorgeous and inspiring, and only a few fairy illustrations.


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