Positive Elk Changes That Are Happening

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No, I’m not referring to silly europoid masonic groups who hire black strippers; about ten years ago a species of wolf was evidently introduced to the American Northwest that quickly decimated all of the elk herds and caused other imbalances in nature.  Carol and I assume they were military GMOs because ordinary wolves are not typically that aggressive and are content to mostly live on rodents, which are easy to catch and plentiful, like we all saw in the popular 1980s movie about the biologist who went to study and live with wolves in Alaska.  Now, wolves in Alaska run in large packs and even hunt people, so snipers are employed by the oil cartel to keep the pipeline workers safe from them, if the media are not lying.

Wolves became fair game in all seasons  and we still sometimes see stickers on pickup trucks that say, ‘Wolves: Smoke a Pack a Day.’  isolated sport hunting can’t account for the sudden increase in elks, though. I think that in order to seriously reduce the number of wolves with hunting there would need to be a massive scale hunt, like the one that decimated the buffalo herds in the late 1800s.

Lately, the elk herds have evidently replenished in spite of the wolf problem and this one, near our home in Idaho, is exceptionally large:

They all soon ran off when Carol stopped the car so I could take the picture, so I feel a bit lucky.  There’s a lot of traffic on that road and elk rarely get that close to people.

In related news, when our new friends from Holland came to discuss making a film about orgonite and promoting it they encountered a very big wolf near our house while they ere taking an early morning stroll along the grass airstrip.  The wolf was quite close and started at them as they passed.  It  had apparently just eaten its prey nearby. That was last October and it’s now February but Carol has the impression that it could be the same creature that tried to kill and eat our cat, Ed, a couple of evenings ago around dusk. She saw a big, shadowy shape near our porch when she was calling Ed to come inside and a ‘doggish’ large creature retreated to the nearby trees and growled at her, also made some noises similar to a coyote’s.  Ed had a slight skin injury, so was likely bitten a bit, then.


4 thoughts on “Positive Elk Changes That Are Happening

  1. Don Croft Post author

    The photo was right-side-up when I posted it, so maybe we can assume that the CIA/NSA feel suitably threatened and hacked it 😎

    ‘I’m not happy until THEY’re not happy.’

  2. Don Croft Post author

    I properly turned that photo right-side up in the media library three times but it keeps flipping upside down. The photo I posted of Dooney, Carol and I also turned upside down. I wonder if the NSA uses a.i. for hacking, these days. It occurred to me that it must be hard for them to find enough sociopaths to get it all done, even with the enticement of letting them steal credit cards and ‘identities.’

    The intrepid Carlos offered to hack the hack so let’s see if he can get past the NSA mischief 😎


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