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There has been a lot of large-scale orgonite work in Italy, beginning in 2001 in the mountains where I think one of the first Sylphs were then photographed.   At the time, he owned a sign business in Queens, New York,  and was vacationing in his hometown in Italy.  We were corresponding quite a lot but I can’t recall his name at the moment.  It’s in my old journal reports.

Silvio Nocerino has been committed to doing this mainly throughout Tuscany for many years and before that he was living in England and exploring orgonite’s effects in the field, then.  One of his main focuses has been institutional work and discerning how all of that relates to the earth’s lines of subtle energy–a sort of macro-acupuncture.  Busting the death towers along the way is a prerequisite that I think most of us follow in the field and it’s not surprising that death towers and weather weaponry are often installed in earth energy vortices. Mecca’s once-lovely  cultural landscape is now littered with this weaponry, for instance (busted by Jane Ngugi of Uganda).  Italy may be unique regarding the large number of medieval and Renaissance architectural targets, also the WWII human sacrifice targets and Tuscany is an historic crossroad for European cultural migrations.

Igor Cinti and  John Leach, many years ago, thoroughly gifted the Vatican and all of the Jesuit landmarks in and around Rome, including the catacombs that were first used by the Etruscans.   A group in Southern Italy has worked systematically  in that region, though at the time I was corresponding with one of them we didn’t yet have adequate translation programs and none of them were conversant in English.   Most people who do this work don’t contact us, of course, so reputable people who are willing to write field reports for the public record are precious, in my opinion.

Andrea Pellagalli in Perugia started a dynamic orgonite gifting forum, orgoneitalia.it, and we’ve been corresponding often.   His English is fluent but I recommend the hideous NSA’s translate.google.com for reading just about anything on the web accurately.  We might as well use the enemy’s spy tools to our own advantage and in appropriate ways, right?



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  1. Silvio

    There are at 10 years of gap since I started, and many gifted generously in Italy. I was inspired by reading past reports, without knowing I was later try to emulate them. Gifters from Uk, German, France, US, probably from everywhere. I found one of reports from psychics Lazou and Cesco, its very interesting it also includes episodes from IIreland and Balkans and Italy. Thank you

    Thnaks Don for opening the Tuscany thread, I am preparing the material for the reports which includes I hope a project that will involve other gifters like Andrea, and I look forward everybody contribution. I must not forget to say that I was helped by other gifters and by EW readers in various occasions in order to get some support for the gifting in Tuscany. Tuscany and central Italy are key location, as Don said from cultural and for the geographic location. Tuscany is in the middle of two large mediterranen islands like Sardinia and Corse and on the other side the Balcans. Central Italy has a srtong seismic activity and in a distant past was eruptive zone which created many volcanic lakes and mountains.
    In fact even n today the volcanic activity is used fo creating electric energy fromm geo-thermal plants (something like 1.2 gigawatts from earth steam).

    Since Done mentione Vatican, there are gifters who also gifted the Radio Vaticano antenna which is a documented leukemia case that affected many children and adults in that area.

    1. Don Croft Post author

      Thanks for mentioning that, Silvio. Vittorio’s done a masterful job and has vast field experience with orgonite. A confirmation that gliorgonauti.it is vital is that he was incessantly harassed for it, including gang stalking. That strategy had proven useful for the sewer rat agencies for intimidating a lot of good people to abandon their efforts to share empowering information online but it failed in Vittorio’s case. This sort of thing tends to be more overt in Europe than in N America.

      Orgonite fingers in N. Europe & Scandinavia get a lot of black helicopter visits and they tend to see these as unwitting confirmations; involuntary applause by the sewer rats ;-). They started painting their helicopters in the US to look like ordinary ones pretty early after they had become ubiquitous, perhaps because a lot of Americans were shooting at them. It reminds me of the story of the Gestapo trucks that filled up with arrested innocents in the middle of every night. Not too long after they started doing that in the mid-1930s they began painting them to look like circus trucks and had loudspeakers, blaring circus music to drown out the shouts and cries of the innocents inside.

      After the Brits & Mossadomites cleverly deposed the Shah and installed their Khomeini lookalike the Iranian Gestapo equivalent got busy rounding up hordes of innocents in broad daylight. they had to stop wearing those pretty uniforms, pretty early on, because volunteer civilian snipers were taking them out systematically.

      During the short time when we were seeing black helicopters all over our continent I also saw green, Russian military helicopters, at least where I was living, and occasional little convoys of Russian military vehicles on the roads. That was when it looked like the federal gov’t was holding out hope for martial law, right after they blew up the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma and untold thousands of Russian troops were already being billeted in national parks, abandoned mines, underground bases, etc., in the US, Canada and Mexico.

      I think most of those fellows eventually became urban drug pushers for the CIA after martial law finally became untenable for this criminal regime. The Russian ‘mafia’ is so busy in nearby Spokane, Washington, that a lot of people have refused to live in that urban area any more, so have voted with their feet and are now causing our lovely area in nearby Idaho to have become quite crowded with people who prefer a long commute to living in that city. I wonder how bad it would be, there, if we hadn’t busted all the death towers, nefarious institutions and high rise district many years ago. It’s actually a pleasant place, energy-wise, and I’ve always admired and appreciated Russians, in general.

      I wonder how many people think about the huge Russian-army contingent that were sitting on their hands in Serbia throughout the horrid conflict that followed the breakup of Yugoslavia. They’re still there, I’m told–an army of old men by now: imagine a wheelchair infantry assault. Historically, after any major foreign campaign, national economies have rarely been able to remain viable after a huge army returns home and the Russian gov’t apparently refused to allow most of them to come back after the phony Cold War ended. Kissinger was allegedly heavily vested in Yugo Auto Corp because the genocidal banksters in The City were evidently expecting to keep Yugoslavia together.

      Italian orgonite websites are evidently popular in Croatia, by the way.

  2. Silvio Nocerino

    I put my CB in the basement twice, in order to improve the situation at ground (undergound) level, and when eventually I put it back on the balcony and within one or two days there was elicopter to pass over the house.

    There is a web utility that allows the downloading of entire websites into the personal computer. It is very good that gliorgonauti.it was compiled in html language so that the utilit can downloawd all the pages and photos.

    its called HTTRACK.COM it’s easily installed software. Beside GLIORGONAUTI.IT there is a beautiful site about Tuscany called FOTOTOSCANA,IT it is also downloadable with httrack software. Reccomended to discover more places in Tuscany.

  3. Cyclingflinger

    Thank you Silvio for sharing, good to have you back on the forum blog!

    I am gifting more and more in Brussels, and I get attacked by this new berlusconian junior thing entity.

    I think it’s an energetic meddling of la Juvé and AC Milan.

    Thank you for the pics! My italian uncle ordered some of Tupix, that’s the best news I heard from the south!

    Good luck to you!


  4. Silvio Nocerino

    Cheers Cyclingflinger, thanks and I also wish you good luck and take care, and alway bring a ZAPPER with you. Good news that your uncle is now using orgonite. I sold the first HHG from a shop in central Milan this week!!!
    I am having some internet problems in the last few days. I really look forward receing the SP from Don Croft!
    Here after this comment the first part of the Tuscany report.

  5. Silvio Nocerino


    Mount Serra antenna array by the city of Pisa.
    Gifting in South Tuscany

    Gifting in Lunigiana North Tuscany
    Mount Secchietta Valleombrosa antenna array
    Gifting in South Tuscany

    Mount Morello antenna array overlooking Florence.

    Mount Amiata antenna array
    Gifiting in South Tuscany

    Livorno and radar
    Gifting in South Tuscany
    Mount Argentario antenna array

    Gifting in South Tuscany

    Tuscany Mugello province
    Gifting in South Tuscany

    I went to Tuscany region for the first time in 2014 to gift the large antenna array on Mount Serra near the city of Pisa, which is famous for the Leaning Tower.
    From 2011 i was gifting various parts of North Italy like Lombardy, Liguria Genoa, Piedmont and Emilia.

    I and a friend called Peter arrived at about 3am in Pisa, took a walk by the river Arno and flinged a couple of heavy orgonite at two bridges in the center, one is called the Cittadella Bridge. I know that Habibi had passed from Pisa during a holiday and also spread some orgonite in the area.
    We drove off and took a nap in the car in the vicinity of a place where there is the rock of Calci, there is a photo in the link of the spectacular place. We only left few orgonites along the way since we had the important target of the Mount Serra and for later on when we would spend a short break further to the south of Tuscany.
    At 7 am we arrived at the top of Mt. Serra at 900 mt of altitude, the weather was foggy and humid. It was the best hour since there was nobody around.
    The array is on a steep ground and its made of a main group and also a smaller group at about 1 km distance.
    We mostly buried the orgonite for the main array otherwise flinged into bushes a way from the walk path. It was confusing to know where we were going, we went as far as the electricity pilons. Then we came back on the main path and walked to the top at the gates of the antennas. Some maight have been switched off at the time had no noise coming out from the transformers. At that point we only had a few large hhgs and buried them. I also flung some down the mountain. I think we had used about 12 kgs of orgonite. We had done also the other array without reaching the top, and there was some people in a house. They had ducks and goats.
    When we were at top we saw the car of a antenna thecnician, discovered that this mountain is the first mountain over another valley at the North and it is used to block the weather exchange from this areas. Suddenly a hole opened in the sky, it dindt last long there wer clouds coming from the sea that brought rain. 😉
    On the way back we left a few more tbs near the electricity lines on the mountain,
    When I went to Tuscany again and passed from Pisa i always saw that Mount Serra is targeted with a lot of chemtrail spraying. I would like to go back and do more gifting for the mountain, and for Pisa area.

    Calci 5am photo of the rock and a bit of ‘sleep’ in th car, outside is raining.
    Mount Serra 7am, at 900 mt behind Pisa, foggy and humid, sourrounded gifting under the trees, then went up from the main road, altogether about
    10-12kg orgonite, pyramids, coffe tin pipes, dodec, hhgs, and some 50 tbs. After nearly 3 hours after the last piece was gifted, suddenly the sky
    opened. The wind soon brought new clouds from the coast and it kept moving until it was raining by the time we reached the plane.

    We moved to the city of Piombino, which is a important port city on a promontory, the city is very industrial too and polluted. There are analdo industries and the Solvay chemical industries. Piombino was bombarded during the WWII war. There amany antennas every wherostele and an array near the coast. This array was probaby gifted by some German gifters years ago. We didnt have and aboundance of orgonite but we tried our best for Piombino and other nearby places. We gave a pyramid to the Hostel owner.

    The promontory of Piombino is located in front of the Elba Island it must a been a beautiful place, the orgin of the nearby Populonia are Etruscan, it is the nearest sea side they ever built. The Acropolis (city) on the hill top of the promontory and the Necropolis (graves) at the bottom near the sea in the middle of the bay. The etruscan side is unspoiled, but it is etherically
    bad, same for the medioeval castle next the acropolis. Also I think some more uncovered necropolis is under there.

    By the second day spent in Piombino, the area of Piombino city was visited by 4 tankers spew planes.

    When we returned to Milan we went to visit a plave in the Lunigiana Valley called Castello della Virgoletta. It is a stunning village made of stones, absoulutely peaceful. Carol Croft had been in Italy in the same year and the same valley gifting another castle linked to Matilde of Canossa.
    In the village of Villafranca of Lunigiana we found a momument to Dante the poet of the Divine Comedy. The monument is quite symbolic and alluding to the Divine Comedy. Dantes is inside a portal, there are nine circles with planets and moon and the sun, and the tenth circle is a channel for the water.

    pt 1/ August 2014 gifting trip to Tuscany.

    Photo of this post at https://ew195876057.wordpress.com/blog/

  6. silvio nocerino

    There is a shylp in the photo gallery of the first report, it has ha beautiful wing shape. It appeared in Piombino in the direction of Punta Falcone, which a pointed part of the promontory there is a beach and it is also like a observatory place, there are some antenna in that spot of Piombino that we gifted with a few tbs. In our stay in Piombino I paid the room that we shared with Peter and we split the cost of the fuel for his car.

    I forgot to say that we went to Castello Virgoletta but we didnt have any more orgonite to do gifting, I think I only had left a couple of tbs neard a eletric cabin near the Dante’s monument in Villafranca.

    In the September trip I did two trips to Tuscany, from this time I went alone and used a hired a car from the car sharing company.
    I have used hired cars from the car sharing company for all the future gifting trip because it gave me more flexibility. They have cars parked in the city which you book and can pick up near where you live at the time that suits you, if there is the availability. Once there was a problem with the car when I went to pick up wasnt working, and so I had to call them and then they found me another car in another location not too far in town. After that I booked the car for a few hours in advance like night time so that I can have time to check if everything was ok, and to fill the fuel tank and take the car near home, so that in the early morning I could leave in time.
    I thiught that to use a hired car with a big logo also had the benefit to protect you from getting too much suspicion from people or from local police when going around all the time in area and doing the gifting. The car sharing company changed their branding and company a few time, it used to be called GiroAci, now its called Ubeeqo. Can you spot the word BEE in UBEEQO? The car sharing bill it’s paid the following month, but their cost per kilometer is higher than Hertz rentals, altought they give you a fuel card. I used Hertz also and it costed me less for the long distance trip and they gave a nicer car, now Hertz only accept booking via a regular credit card whilst on that occasion they accepted a prepaid credit card. I’d reccomend Hertz for the longer journeys and the car sharing for one day trips.

    The first trip in September was a day trip I went to gift in North Tuscany Arzelato and Fontia in Massa Carrara, these places are close to the Lunigiana area, the Apuan alps and near the border of the regions of Liguria and Emilia.

    I didnt have much orgonite probably ten kilos. Only did hill tops, from the Lunigiana Valley, Arzelato with 5 antennas, and Aulla 4, then antenna array witth 11 antennas in Carrara di Massa a place know for the marble extraction and for being of ancient origin.
    I first gifted Arzelato 850 mt altitude, then gifted in Podenzana Aulla, then the main array on the hill top near Carrara, a place called Santa Lucia in Fontia.
    When I asked road direction to a foreigner woman with her son, she told me they live exactly where I was heading, and by the way she told me there was a local public transport strike on that day. So i gave them a lift with the car, in the car I explained what I was doing there and donatedthem and a couple of tbs.
    Gifting Carrara mountain top array produced a noticeable and spectacular transformation of the clouds from dull to a feast of sylphs and an eruption of gorgeous white cumulus.

    The new trip of september I went far away to the Monte Secchietta (1500 mt altitude, 40 km East from Florence), and after to South Tuscany in the Maremma area.
    Mount Secchietta was one of the strongest feeling for me, when you look at the shylps that came out in the sky you can also feel uplifted. It must ahve been a special place. There is a important village called Reggello before the mountain, where there is a also a St. Michael church built by the Longobards around 10th century, I left some gifts in Reggello but I didnt have the time to find the road for other antennas that i spotted on its hills.
    After Reggello there is a village called Saltino, after you reach the famous location of a influecntial important benedictine abbey called Valleombrosa, which was a influential abbey.
    I had good amount amount of orgonite and I felt free to toss it along the road inside the trees or near water, i started doing that after I encountered two stray dogs after a curve.
    Going up on the mountain ofter there were fallen trees, boulders, and the asphalt was broken but the forest is very beautiful. I found a place called the Fountain of Santa Caterina and also gifted with some orgonite.

    Mount Secchietta has also wind turbines on its top. When I arrived there were people and sometimes it was not easy to gift. There are various groups of antenna. I was glad I had started gifting before reaching the top so a prta of the work was already done. I dindt have a spade I tossed orgonite or hide it under rocks. I used tbs and also big pieces of orgonite.
    On one spot of the mountain there is a monument memorial for the Nazi executed a group of antifascist partisans in 1944.

    There was an airplane that sprayed some chemtrail, but after few passages it stopped spraying. The cloud become like lines of consecutivesarches, only after some time the clouds picked up and existence of their own and turned into various interesting shapes. After gifting the highestpoint three antennas a falcon bird arrived hovered another nice confirmation surprise once I returned, down in Reggello there was an old man by
    the road looking up in wonder at the display of interesting clouds in the sky above the mountain peak.
    I headed south in direction of Siena and then Grosseto Piombino area, along the road I did some gifting of antennas or water but I could not afford to use to much ammonitions. The area of Siena is dried altought fertile there is a small difference, if it gets gifted will improve positively.
    Near Grosseto there is an important Etruscan and Roman archeological site called Roselle, I wasnt planning to be there to gift it, but as I passed I felt I could not take my eyes of that hill and that it was calling to be gifted, so I did the necropolis without needing to go inside the city, I felt this was the more the right spot to do quickly. I did also various antennas of Roselle.

    I headed to Follonica a city by the sea near Piombino, I did some partial gifting of what was possible to reach by the road, I also saw a weather ball radar which was unexpected for me. I asked info to some locals and they told that that was the Poggioballone Radar. I learned that in another trip i would come back and do also the radar and other antennas.

    I didnt have a room I drove up and down and slept less than two hour in the car. In the morning after at least another hour of driving at 6.30 I was in Monte Argentario a important promontory at the very south of Tuscany near the border of the Latio Region of Rome. Unfortunately I had not studied the map prperly I and could only find the way a really ardous dirt path, and was at some point impossible to drive on. I was on the wrong side on a area called Fort Stella, I gifted there and used some large blocks of orgonite hoping that at least start doing work for that promontory. The next time I would do the arrays. I gifted a few normal antennas in Orbetello and on the road.

    I headed toward north where I was the night before, and gifted another Etruscan site called Vetulonia, a city on a hill, that is also visible behind the hill with the weather ball, I gifted near the necropolis which is below and at the top where is the ruins of the city and the bordering walls, the place become windy after applying the orgonite, the same had happened in Roselle necropolis the day before, I had the impression these sites are
    on Earth energy vortexes or ley lines.
    I headed to Scarlino for antennas that I was indicated by the guys in Follonica, and did some antennas by the road, but I was feeling followed fron the afternoon before, so I did not stop to gift all antennas in a sequential style, I gifted in Follonica and there also I missed a few until next time but did the main part, after I also went up to Massa Marittima, that is the first hill town behind Follonica at about 400mt altitude.
    The Mine of San Silvestro, it is like a castle town build there in medioeval era, by the lords Gherardesca, the minining exits from thousands years, and also the Etruscan had busy extraction economy, the undeground is rich with copper, silver, zinc, lead. The mediovaltown is a ghost town ruins, for this time I gifted near the enatrnce, there is also an antenna, also here I noticed that a breeze arrived after gifting, near the entrance there is a sort of bar in one building that is also archeological, over there there were tables of blackened wood with benches for sitting, I had the impression that there was invisible beings trapped at those tables, and the wind that arrived after placing orgonite clened some of that ghost forces, it was not impressed tough and put an orgonite down a sort of chimeny of stone that was sprouting from the ground in front of the bar, the orgonite took a while falling before reaching something metallic, maybe a grate.
    After this I felt really peaceful and so it looked for the environment, two hazel white doves on a post were rubbing each other slowly, later when I was down on the plain and looked back I saw two dark grey clouds near the mountain, and after they vanished the sky of the area above the Mine of San Silvestro was really blue, the same or similar doves passed and they seem to fly one above the other almost joined as they have one single hearth beat.
    The last target was to gift the sea by rocks in the Gulf of Baratti, near the location called Villa of the Baron, this is opposite side extremity of the Etruscan site of Populonia. I placed a piece of about 1kg , inside the water bottle, i left the PET plastic so that it maybe be last longer from corrosion.

    Gifting Tuscany pt. 2, photos at the link below

  7. silvio nocerino

    Thanks Andrew! Here is another piece.
    In November 2014 I booked the car again and went to do a day trip to do some gifting in the South Piedmont. It was probably when I went to Alba or perhpas was when I went to Acqui Term. Both places and some mid size array on the hills. Anyway I was late to return the car and so I extended the booking, and the next day I went all the way to Florence to gift the antenna array on the Mount Morello.
    When I exited the motorway I discovered the road was interrupted do to works, I have to take the road from Fiesole t Sesto fiorentino. Sesto has a big antenna near the Telecom building, but unfortuanetely there was no place for orgonite unnless maybe finding a pole or buring it in some green patch whcih I had no time to search. I didnt get lost and found indications to go via the Careggi hospital, later on I also founf a girl on a bike that was going up to her home on the same mountain.
    The array is positioned next to a restaurant called Caravanserraglio. There is another antenna further away but there was not a visible path to it.
    I flunged all the rgonite wothout buring it, and wnt up and down the road a few times, also untile the road was blocked.
    When I was down I stopped and lefr a few figts to an old church, the Sant Andrea of Careggi, it was once known as the year 880 as the Santa Gerusalemme. Careggi is a important suburb of Florence.
    Here is the photo link
    It was a very cloudy and goffy day, the panorama photos over Florence. After when I returned down the sky over the mountaihas canged and there are movemnts of clouds and large blue holes,


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