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Just a couple of posts from the archive from various sabotage threads, not sequential. We generally find that reporting the sabotage helps stop it. We’re not posting about this stuff to complain or cause fear, we just want to defuse the energy of this kind of attack. For our purposes here, sabotage includes physical attacks on our persons. ~ Dooney

Posed 12-7-16 by Fran

I got a notice to do the customs papers old style, meaning i have to provide all kinds of documents so they calculate the fare and decide if they release the parcel to me.

This can be done thru their website, once registered. when search for the parcel code CJ45524539US without login in, it shows the notice was sent and they are waiting for the papers with deadline of december 9 or they will return it. Counting that this parcel was already at customs on november 20th!! it took them 2 weeks to send me a notice just before the deadline.

Now if i log in and use the same code the site says it does not exhist, so i write to them on their website form which asks me again some details along with the code. I write the message and send but again! it does not even send the message cause it says the code is wrong!! lol  so no way to let them know thru mail i have trouble.  Next step i search for the phone number which took a while. I call, a robot woman starts speaking much crap for a while (they charge to call) then i get to the options which in this case is 1 or 2. I hit the button on my phone 1 and the robot women keeps saying the options without recognising my pressing the keys! lol

ass#™ø oles! so there it goes. another interference of a privat customs company who will put anyones name on the notice, even if it doesnt exhist, to charge money which must go to a deep black hole. This case they simply want to bother in a differetn way. Correos y Aduanas España, Mafiosos!!

Posted 4-29-17 by KSD22

Hi all,

I’ve been helping to distribute zappers to some people I know with chronic problems and even cancer. Don had sent a priority mail package of zappers to my address earlier this month. The zappers arrived but not without classic interference. As you can see in the photos [not recoverable], the package appears to have been torn open on one end.

Certainly someone could have removed the contents but didn’t. They could easily have read the inserts to get an idea of the contents. Also, two letters that were sent to me by a listener of the show In Other News were also ripped open on both ends of the letters.

Lastly, the air was completely let out of the back tire of my motorcycle.


Posted 11-29-16 by Don Croft

I get most of my field orgonite from my ‘partner in handcuffs,’ Francisco of on Menorca.  It’s handy because he sells our zappers and we simply barter from time to time. I’ve got a huge stock of towerbusters for my next big campaign and I’ve been able to help out some dedicated but financially-challenged orgonite flingers, here and there.  One of them gifted himself out of a job as a bail bondsman because the crime rate fell out from under him Cool but I think that simply caused him to pursue a higher calling.  I was forced into my calling; ‘If one can’t be led, one may be driven.’

We had a terrific chat session in Dooney’s chatroom on Sunday.  Some MKid smashed into the rear end of Carol’s truck when she was at a stoplight in town and it distressed her neck quite severely.  That was six months ago and the kid’s insurance paid for treatment. She chose chiropractic, of course and was getting better with the help of a local chiropractor whom we visit regularly, also help from Dr Steve Smith, our old friend in Montana, three hours’ drive from us.  A couple of months ago her health started declining rapidly, though.   Fortunately, the insurance was still paying and she started getting more frequent treatments from Stevo, including his amazing, new Pulsed Electromagetic Therapy device.  It was more like a battle than a healing process, so I wondered whether the NSA were trying to murder her in the way that the late SJ Smith described to us in 2009, a year or two before they evidently killed him, that way:  when these sewer rats are intent on neutralizing an activist they shackle someone to a bed and induce a fatal illness after strongly linking that person to the victim, psychically.

It’s apparently quite a process to find a suitable ‘human voodoo doll.’ Naturally, a death of this sort is completely untraceable in an autopsy so the NSA baby eaters presumably only do this when they’re afraid that people will call ‘foul!’ on the internet when an activist is murdered. I wonder how many good people these sewer rats destroy, this way. Not long after Carl and I met with SJ Smith Dooney evidently came under attack this way. She had already started teaching people how to fight back effectively when the NSA and other criminal syndicates use psychics to assault them. At the time, she was the only person doing this, as far as I know.  That was around the time she set up

We usually like to pay attention after a chat like that to see whether we’ve been effective.  Carol’s health and demeanor has improved since Sunday, for instance, though Stevo reckons that a full recovery is going to take several months.  In 2008 he pulled me away from death’s threshold after the FBI’s beryllium poisoning event in 2004 had damaged Carol and I.  Dr von Peters’ initial help got the beryllium out of us in 2005 and enabled us to go to Florida and ruin the then-escalating hurricane agenda but I was on my way to congestive heart failure, evidently due to the damage that the beryllium had done. There’s no heart disease in my family and I’ve always been more careful than most about diet and avoiding destructive habits.  Stevo even cured my lifelong heart murmur, a birth defect that MDs (‘serial killers’) claim is untreatable Wink

On the upside, I tell Carol and Dooney that only the most hated and feared (by the enemy) activists get this treatment, which is an unwitting kudo from the enemy. It reminds me of one of Carol’s visit to England when Gregg Hallett, who had masterfully exposed Hitler’s and Stalin’s intimate connection to Churchill and the City of London (and each other), was jealous that the MI5 thugs in a pub were trying hard (and failing) to intimidate Carol but were ignoring him.

The other sabotage update is that the latest shipment of towerbusters from Francisco is being interfered with (this has happened several times).

I forgot to add that the psychics found a peculiar draconian heading up the murder project in her case. I don’t usually mention aliens and such, any more, since we rarely have those 3D encounters, any more, but Edu in Brazil has been reporting interference of this sort and I want to back him up a bit in terms of validation.

Remember that all psychic pursuits are highly subjective by nature, of course; we categorize all of it as battlefield intel and this sets us apart from the fear porn purveyors and other internet histrionics, most of which is no doubt created by the enemy.

Discernment is more a function of the nose than the brain, as always, and please keep treating our offerings as personal views and not authoritative.  There are enough reputable people, now, who are having these experiences that I don’t think we’ll be effectively written off as kooks, even though I have apparently earned a position in the Kook Encylopedia and similarly obscure CIA publications. I even got a little article in the French WiCIApedia Cool

Posted 5-3-17 by Frode

Don asked me to post this here. About 10 days ago, I was outside the house and a drone came flying by at low altitude, slightly higher than roof level. I looked up at it and it stopped for a few seconds up in the air right in front of me, maybe above the road that is about 25 m away. And then it flew on in a straight path until it was out of sight. I went indoors, and thought ‘What was that?’, seemed just way too purposeful for recreational flying. In, fact, I felt strongly afterwards it was Norwegian intelligence and that maybe they were steering it from a gravel parking space or a dirt road some distance away. I promptly hit them back with the powerwand, because I’m not interested in them getting that close to me.

I actually had my camera with me, because I wanted to photograph the budding leaves now in spring, but didn’t take a photo of the drone. I’m typically too dumbfounded to take a picture when something like that happens. Last time I experienced overt intimidation was on a gifting trip last year into a valley near Oslo, and four green military helicopters flew by quite low. Never seen anything like it, and I do have regrets I don’t have a photo of that.

This drone visit came around after I had done some etheric work, which I don’t actually remember what it was, except that it was significant (so much has happened). On Sunday I did a gifting at a former military grounds further south of where I live , step by step I think this will be better.

Posted 5-4-17 by Don Croft

Thanks for telling about that, Frode.  Most of the drones that we see, now, are flown remotely through the cameras on them but the range is not great so the pilot needs to be fairly close, as you say.

You mentioned that the rules for drone flying are specific in Norway and they’re not to be flown below 150 meters above people.  Over here there are also specific rules but they only seem to apply to people who want a license to use drones for commercial purposes.

I assume they use satellites and/or high-altitude drones to surveil you so this just looks like intimidation to me.

I’ve never been visited by low-flying helicopters since I posted a notice in 2002 that I keep a crossbow and a roll of surveyor tape at hand to shoot one down Cool –like our etheric warfare, this is a peaceful solution because the surveyor tape allegedly gets wound up in the rotor and forces the pilot to land nearby. I think DB told me about that.

This is evidently a similarly peaceful way to bring down a drone: and it occurred to me that I could use my paintball gun, too, if the opportunity arises. It has a longer, rifled barrel for increased accuracy Wink.

There was a helicopter visit near us in January but it didn’t fly over us.  It was a very quiet but  large and expensive one and it landed on the end of the runway, which is about 200 yards from our hangar.  The neighbor whom I’ve always suspected of being a fed mole came out and escorted two fellows, carrying heavy toolbags, into his home which is the closest to the landing spot. I think the chopper would have landed on his property if there weren’t deep snow at the time.  The runway had been plowed.

It’s no secret that only the federal predatory agencies and the military have quiet helicopters. It was a nice confirmation for me that the fellow is CIA and is in place to discourage personal aviation at this privately-owned airstrip condominium, where we rent a house and hangar.   I gifted his property and the surrounding area soon after we got here, ten years ago, and at the time this airstrip had developed a reputation in the region for being socially poisonous. That fellow was a board member at the time, which is not surprising, and he actively campaigned to get me kicked out–no kidding.  It’s taken a lot of years but now he’s a pariah here on account of his own poisonous behavior and the airport hosts fly-ins every year that are well-attended.

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  1. KatherineA

    I think I may have been a target for a voodoo-doll type attack. It was over 10 years ago. I was at home, awake, but suddenly felt the need to sit down a rest. I closed my eyes and immediately felt myself yanked from my body, felt myself now lying on a table (stone?) and looked up to a hooded figure with giant knife ready to strike. Instinctively I forced myself back into my own body. Opened my eyes and was immediately doubled over with a stabbing (literally) pain in my lower left abdomen. I would probably have dismissed it, if I hadn’t been in so much pain right afterwards. THEN I sent out a “psychic distress call” and felt someone come to my side (felt male, maybe South American) and he did something and the pain vanished. I’ve never written this publicly. It was too weird and terrifying. I wanted it to be my imagination but the pain was definitely real. The voodoo doll thing you mentioned is the only thing I’ve seen that comes remotely close to it.


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